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๐Ÿ†— International Translation Day Emojis Collection

On September 30, International Translation Day is celebrated in many countries. This professional holiday honors both interpreters and translators. Perhaps the newest holiday on the list. If you donโ€™t take into account the fact that this is a new date of celebration, after all, there were other professional holidays for translators before. However, in 2017 the UN General Assembly recognized translation's large and important role in uniting people and understanding them and their development. Therefore, it was decided to establish International Translation Day on September 30th.

The purpose of the holiday is to prove that translation, as a craft and even an art, is very important in achieving the common goals, understanding, and unification of different countries and nations. Now with the help of interpreters, anyone can engage in dialogue with a foreigner and, thanks to this, come to a common understanding.

Every year events in honor of Translation Day are held and dedicated to various topics. In addition, each topic is supported by the corresponding motto, which is changed to fit the topic of discussion from year to year. Finally, in a small collection of emojis, users can find the corresponding smileys to use online at the mention of International Translation Day.