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Snapchat Chat

The emojis, appearing on the chats are one more thing that deserves attention on the Snapchat app โ€“ after all, many users were wondering about these symbols meanings, despite that there are only two types of them. So, letโ€™s make it clear: their main function is to indicate the activity of the person you opened the chat with for the usersโ€™ convenience. They may be the following:

  • When the Happy Smiley is displayed on the lower left corner of the chat window, it indicates that the friend, who you are chatting with, becomes active in your chat, i.e. that they have just opened the chat or that they are typing the message or just looking at yours;
snapchat chatting

  • When the Happy Smiley is replaced by the Blue Dot, it means that the user you are chatting to is still online on the app and looking to their phone screen but not on your chat, so they would see your message to them and reply if they want to;
snapchat blue dot chat

  • And when nothing is displayed on its place, it means that the user left the app and you would have to wait until they would be ready to talk to you again.
So, there is nothing mysterious about those smiley and dot chat emojis โ€“ they are essentially just Snapchat original marks for read and unread messages. Images source: http://snapchatemojis.com/chat/.