8 March

International Women's Day


International Women's Day is an annual 🎉 holiday celebrating the unity of 👩 women in the struggle for equality and emancipation. It is celebrated on 🌷 March 8th. It has become international since 1975 and is celebrated in many countries around the 🌎 world.

 On March 8, 1857, an event “March of Empty Pans” took place. On this day, textile workers from 🏭 factories in New York marched through the streets of the city striking. They demanded higher wages, equal rights for women and men, and better working conditions. Later, this event formed the basis of an International Women's Holiday.

Interesting fact:

The main symbol of the holiday is a sprig of yellow mimosa, as it is a delicate, but at the same time resistant to frost flower.


Congratulate women on this wonderful holiday with the help of emoticons:

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