Earth Day

Earth Day is an event that has been held since 1971. The purpose of the holiday is to encourage people to pay attention to the problems of ecology and the environment. This holiday is officially held on 2 separate days: 🌷 March 20 and 🌺 April 22 .

Interesting fact: The history of this holiday dates back to the late 19th century, when secretary John Morton, on his initiative, managed a campaign to plant bushes and 🌳 trees in Nebraska. Subsequently, he proposed introducing the Day of the Tree, and in the first year of the holiday, almost a million shrubs were planted.

The main symbols of the holiday are: the green letter of the Greek alphabet Theta and the 🔔 Peace Bell, which calls on people to unite to protect 🌎 the planet. Also, there is an unofficial symbol of this day - the flag of the Earth, which is a photo of the Earth, from space, on a blue background.

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