🏆 Snapchat Trophies Emoji List – Trophy Guide 🏆

Snapchat trophies are the certain achievements of the user. They are the element of gamification, which makes the app’s user experience even more entertaining and engaging. As of 2017, there are 46 Snapchat Trophies all in all. Once a mystery, now they are all known and achievable – but knowing all in advance is not interesting. So, here are just some of these emoji (trophy guide) awards and their meanings i.e. the ways of getting them as an example:

Snapchat Trophy Case Emojis:

Baby face for 10 snapchat trophies


Glowing Star for 100 glowing star

Sparkles for 1000 sparkles


Circle and Star for 10000 circle star emoji

Collision for 50000 collision

Rocket for 100000 rocket

Ghost for 500000 ghost emoji



Snaps achievements:

Video Tape for sending your first video video tape emoji

Movie Camera for sending 50 videos movie camera

Video Camera for sending 500 videos video camera emoji

Ogre for 1000 selfie snaps ogre


Hear no evil Monkey for sending video without sound Monkey Holding Ears

Panda for sending 50 black and white videos or photos panda emoji

Moon for sending 50 videos or photos captured with night mode on moon

Frypan for sending a snap early in the morning (4-5AM) frypan


Other snapchat trophies:

Email for verifying your email email

Telephone for verifying your phone telephone

Smiling Devil for screenshotting someone other’s snap smiling devil

Angry Devil for screenshotting someone other’s snaps 10 times angry devil

Japanese Goblin for doing the same 50 times japanese goblin


1 Finger – send a snap with 1 filter 1 finger

2 Fingers – send a snap with 2 filters 1 fingers

ABCD – send 100 snaps (large font) abcd

Artist Palette – send 50 snaps with 5 or more pen colors artist palette

Blue Circle – create a story in memories blue circle

White Circle – sent a story from memories white-circle

Clapper – ten snaps to a local story clapper

Eyes – My Eyes Only in Memories eyes

Fax – 5 Snapcodes (scanning) fax

Flashlight – front-facing flash on (you can send snaps) flashlight

Link – Linked your Bitmoji! link

Lollipop – send one snap with 5 or more colors lollipop

Loop Once – Flip the camera once in 1 video Snap loop once

Loop – same as Loop Once, but you can flip camera 5 times