🔥 Snapchat Friend List Emoji Meanings 🔥

One of the ways Snapchat uses emojis is for indicating the user’s interactions with their friends in a funny and meaningful way. These types of emojis tend to change according to how and how much you are communicating with the other users on the app and how much they communicate with you. No one but you would see these emojis in your friend list. Here are some of their meanings:

The emojis for Best Friends:

Yellow Heart – honors your mutual number one BF on the appyellow heart friends

Red Heart is for those number one BFs, who lasted for at least 2 weeksRed Heart emoji

Pink Hearts emoji is for those number one BFs, who lasted for at least 2 monthspink hearts


Smiley With Sunglasses is the mark for the person, who has some same BFs as yousmiley with sunglasses

Grimacing Smiley is a sign of the person, who is the number one BF to someone you are toogrimacing smiley

Smirking Smiley means that you are this user’s BF but they are not yourssmirking smiley

Happy Smiley is your mutual BF but not the number one BFsmiling face



The emojis marking the constant snapping:

Fire marks users you’ve been snapping with for several days in successionfire emoji

Hundred Points complements the previous when there are 100 days in that successionhundred

Hourglass marks the approaching end of that succession, marked by the two previous emojishourglass emoji


The other emojis:

Baby face marks the new people on your friends listbaby face


Glowing Star shows that some of this user’s snaps were replayed recentlyglowing star

Birthday Cake means that this user has their B-Day todaybirthday cake