👋 Not official Emojis Collection

To be “not official” means being behind the system. 👉Check out the list of these examples with emoji to speak🗣about how to be “Not official”😉.

“Hey, getting here is illegal, man😬!☠✋”

“It`s not illegal…it is just not official😅.”
“Officially, I am working on Saturdays😐…But the not official deal is – great👍and sunny☀ day off🤹‍♂️🎉!”

Let`s also look😶 at this term with its antonym😉. Official means “a product or a person or something else is supperior😎, better my quality👌, respected💪, recognised by the society and therefore it is the best🥇🏆.”
Hence, not-official is the opposite.

“In 1900 in Paris🗼, when the Olympics 🎿🏇🏋‍♀️🤺were on – the not official sport games were the following: car race🏎, pigeon shooting🕊, bowling🎳 on the grass⛳🍀.”

“The dress code👕👖 for this event is not official style👔🙅‍♂️, so relax🏖🍹.”