How to the find Trophy Case in Snapchat?

Snapchat features the interesting unique gamification feature, untypical for the messaging apps of its kind – it is its Trophies. The users are awarded with theseย trophiesย for the different actions they make within the app – from achieving certain milestone Snapchat score to snapping selfies with a certain filter or screenshotting others’ snaps (which is sort of a crime in the app, famous for the messages, which disappear with time).

These trophies are stored in the so-calledย Trophy Caseย – the Snapchat section, where the one can look through their existing achievements, see, how many of them are still locked, and just be proud. But it appears that the task of finding this Trophy Case is not as easy as it should be for some users. So, here are the steps, needed to access this place on the app: First, you need to switch to Camera screen and tap the ghost icon on its upper part:

find trophy case step 1
Second, you are to tap the cup award icon:ย 
Trophy Cup Icon Snapchat

..and that’s it, you are in the Snapchat Trophy Case. Trophy Case Here, you may learn what the awards mean, which you have already won (if there are any).