➖ Heavy Minus Sign


Heavy Minus Sign emoji is a bolded minus symbol. In 📘 Math, this emoji is used to show that a number is being removed from another number to make a smaller number. Send this emoji with the 🏫 School emoji to show that you are going to be learning 📘 Math in 🏫 School. Outside of 📘 Math, you can use this emoji between two other emojis to show you want to remove something. For example, if you want a 🍔 Hamburger without tomatoes, send this emoji in-between a 🍔 Hamburger emoji and 🍅 Tomato emoji.


Examples of using

“I need to ➖ some of the flour from the bag.”
“How do you ➖ to make a negative number again?”

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Another names

➖ Subtract
➖ Remove