❣ Heavy Heart Exclamation


Heavy Heart Exclamation emoji. What does it remind you, hm? Maybe exclamation point? Of corse! Because it is one! An exclamation point with a heart. Use it in all romantic messages where you want to show you excitement about the upcoming trip to Vegas! Don’t forget to add some 🎰 Slot Machine emoji, Game Dice and 🃏 Joker. To the Niagara waterfall, to Hawaii and to all the other places where your imagination can take you! We hope you know how to dream! Use this emoji when you absolutely agree with somebody on some issue. It’s like saying: “I really ❤️ Love you idea! Great!” Or use it many times after the ❤️️ Red Heart or 💖 Sparkling Heart when you want to say how much you ❤️ Love a person. It’s for those who ❤️ Love something. No matter where they are: 🤓 College, 🎉🥂 Party, doing Sport, 💏 Sex, 🍳 Cooking and etc. You ❤️ Love it and are excited about it– use it!

Examples of using

“I absolutely love the way she sings ❣❣ Her voice is like heaven!”
“I managed to get the first copy of Harry Potter book ❣❣ “
“Jenna! We are getting married with Peter ❣❣❣❣ I am so happy!”

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Another names

❣ Love
❣ Excitement
❣ Positivity
❣ Admiration
❣ Happiness