➗ Heavy Division Sign


Heavy Division Sign is a bolded division symbol. This symbol is mainly used in 📘 Math to show a number is being divided into smaller groups evenly or unevenly. If you ❤️ Love📘 Math, send this emoji with a 🏫 School emoji to show your excitement for taking a 📘 Math class. This emoji can also be used to show that an object needs to be divided amongst others. If you are bringing a 🍕 Pizza to a 🎉🥂 Party, send this emoji with a Slice of 🍕 Pizza emoji to see if you have enough 🍕 Pizza or if you will need to buy some more.

Examples of using

“I’ll need to ➗ the cake evenly for the guests.”
“Is it possible to ➗ a whole number by a decimal?”

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Another names

➗ Seperate
➗ Divide