☑ Ballot Box With Check


Ballot Box With Check emoji is a box with a check mark in the center. When you are voting on a new 📜 Law or for a new political leader, you will have to vote in order to make an input towards the decision. The ballot box with a check shows that you have voted for your preferred choice. When it’s voting day, send this emoji with the 👍 Thumbs Up emoji to show that you have given your input and voted. You can also send this emoji with the flag emoji of your country, like the Flag for 🇺🇸 United States emoji, to show that voting is coming up and if your friends or 👪 Family want to make a difference they are going to have to go vote.

Examples of using

“I voted ☑ for the first time!”
“☑ on the canned food I got it.”

Closeup view

How to type


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Another names

☑ Voted
☑ Check Mark