Animals and Nature

In this category, you may find all sorts of emoji related to nature. These are animals emoji that depict different creatures (sometimes with certain emotions or messages), nature emoji that symbolize various natural phenomena, flowers, and even planets and stars - all of them may transfer different meanings depending on the context, where they are used.

🐜 Ant
🐤 Baby Chick
đŸĻ‡ Bat
đŸģ Bear Face
đŸĻ Bird
🌸 Blossom
🐡 Blowfish
🐗 Boar
💐 Bouquet
🌉 Bridge at Night
🐛 Bug
đŸĻ‹ Butterfly
đŸĢ Camel
🏕ī¸ Camping
🎠 Carousel Horse
đŸĨ• Carrot
🐈 Cat
🐱 Cat Face
🌸 Cherry Blossom
🐔 Chicken
đŸŋī¸ Chipmunk
🎄 Christmas Tree
🌂 Closed Umbrella
☁ī¸ Cloud
🌩ī¸ Cloud With Lightning
⛈ Cloud With Lightning and Rain
🌧ī¸ Cloud With Rain
🌨ī¸ Cloud With Snow
☄ī¸ Comet
🐄 Cow
🐮 Cow Face
đŸĻ€ Crab
🐊 Crocodile
đŸĨ’ Cucumber
💨 Dashing Away
đŸŒŗ Deciduous Tree
🏚ī¸ Derelict House
🏜ī¸ Desert
🏝ī¸ Desert Island
🐕 Dog
đŸļ Dog Face
đŸŦ Dolphin
🕊ī¸ Dove
🐉 Dragon
🐲 Dragon Face
💧 Droplet
đŸĻ† Duck
đŸĻ… Eagle
🍆 Eggplant
🐘 Elephant
🌲 Evergreen Tree
🐑 Ewe
🍂 Fallen Leaf
â˜Ŋ First Quarter Moon
🌛 First Quarter Moon With Face
🐟 Fish
đŸŒĢī¸ Fog
🌁 Foggy
🍀 Four Leaf Clover
đŸĻŠ Fox Face
🐸 Frog Face
đŸĨ Front-Facing Baby Chick
🌕 Full Moon
🌝 Full Moon With Face
🌏 Globe Showing Asia-Australia
🌍 Globe Showing Europe-Africa
🌐 Globe With Meridians
🐐 Goat
đŸĻ Gorilla
🍇 Grapes
đŸĨ— Green Salad
🐹 Hamster Face
đŸŖ Hatching Chick
đŸŒŋ Herb
đŸŒē Hibiscus
⚡ High Voltage
đŸ¯ Honey Pot
🐝 Honeybee
🐎 Horse
🐴 Horse Face
🏇 Horse Racing
đŸŒļī¸ Hot Pepper
đŸĨ Kiwi Fruit
🐨 Koala
🐞 Lady Beetle
☞ Last Quarter Moon
🍃 Leaf Fluttering in Wind
🔍 Left-Pointing Magnifying Glass
🐆 Leopard
đŸĻ Lion Face
đŸĻŽ Lizard
🍁 Maple Leaf
🌌 Milky Way
🐒 Monkey
đŸĩ Monkey Face
🎑 Moon Viewing Ceremony
đŸ—ģ Mount Fuji
⛰ī¸ Mountain
🐁 Mouse
🐭 Mouse Face
🍄 Mushroom
🏞ī¸ National Park
🌑 New Moon
🌚 New Moon Face
🌃 Night With Stars
🐙 Octopus
đŸĻ‰ Owl
🐂 Ox
🌴 Palm Tree
🐾 Paw Prints
đŸĨœ Peanuts
🍐 Pear
🐧 Penguin
🐖 Pig
🐷 Pig Face
đŸŊ Pig Nose
🐩 Poodle
🐇 Rabbit
🐰 Rabbit Face
🐏 Ram
🍎 Red Apple
đŸĻ Rhinoceros
🐓 Rooster
đŸĩī¸ Rosette
đŸĻ‚ Scorpion
🙈 See-No-Evil Monkey
🌱 Seedling
☘ī¸ Shamrock
🌾 Sheaf of Rice
🌠 Shooting Star
đŸĻ Shrimp
🐌 Snail
🐍 Snake
🏔ī¸ Snow-Capped Mountain
☃ī¸ Snowman
⛄ Snowman Without Snow
✨ Sparkler
🙊 Speak-No-Evil Monkey
🕷ī¸ Spider
🕸ī¸ Spider Web
🐚 Spiral Shell
đŸŗ Spouting Whale
đŸĻ‘ Squid
☀ Sun
⛅ Sun Behind Cloud
đŸŒĨ Sun Behind Large Cloud
đŸŒĻ Sun Behind Rain Cloud
🌤 Sun Behind Small Cloud
đŸŒģ Sunflower
🌅 Sunrise
🌄 Sunrise Over Mountains
🌇 Sunset
đŸ’Ļ Sweat Droplets
🎋 Tanabata Tree
🍊 Tangerine
🔭 Telescope
â›ē Tent
🌡ī¸ Thermometer
🐅 Tiger
đŸ¯ Tiger Face
🍅 Tomato
đŸŒĒ Tornado
🍹 Tropical Drink
🐠 Tropical Fish
đŸĸ Turtle
đŸĢ Two-Hump Camel
đŸĻ„ Unicorn Face
🌋 Volcano
🌘 Waning Crescent Moon
🌖 Waning Gibbous Moon
🐃 Water Buffalo
🌊 Water Wave
🍉 Watermelon
🌒 Waxing Crescent Moon
🌔 Waxing Gibbous Moon
🐋 Whale
💮 White Flower
đŸĨ€ Wilted Flower
đŸŒŦ Wind Face
đŸē Wolf Face
đŸ—ēī¸ World Map
đŸ˜ŋ Crying Cat Face
🙀 Weary Cat Face
đŸ˜Ŋ Kissing Cat Face With Closed Eyes
đŸ˜ŧ Cat Face With Wry Smile
đŸ˜ģ Smiling Cat Face With Heart-Eyes
😹 Cat Face With Tears of Joy
😸 Grinning Cat Face With Smiling Eyes
đŸ˜ē Smiling Cat Face With Open Mouth
🌷 Tulip
🐅 Tiger
🌹 Rose
🐀 Rat
🐨 Koala
🌙 Crescent Moon
🍒 Cherries
đŸŒĩ Cactus
🌈 Rainbow
đŸ”Ĩ Fire
🌜 Last Quarter Moon With Face
đŸŧ Panda Face
🙉 Hear-no-evil Monkey
❄ī¸ Snowflake
🌞 Sun With Face
🌎 Globe Showing Americas