😈 Smiling Devil With Horns Emoji

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Happy Devil (Smiling Face With Horns) emoji is a smiling face (of violet color in most cases) with devil horns. It is used as a symbol of someone's coolness, strength, badass actions or even crimes, or just desire to do something bad. Also, it is often a sign that someone of happy because of their enemy's failure. It is also a sign of someone's cruel intentions or just a symbol of evil, the person wants to be associated with (often jokingly, of course).

😈 Smiling Devil With Horns emoji refers to the smileys and people category.

Snapchat Meaning:

Happy Devil emoji is unlocked and appears in the Snapchat Trophy Case after the user makes the first screenshot of someone else's Snap.
On snapchat this emoji is a part of snapchat trophies.

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Keyboard Shortcut:

How to type:    :smiling_imp:
Examples of Using:

β€œI’m happy because of someone’s failure 😈 ”

β€œI’m so badass 😈 ”

Other Names:
😈 Devil
😈 Devil Horns
😈 Happy Devil
😈 Purple Devil
😈 Red Devil
😈 Smiling Imp