🀧 Sneezing Face Emoji

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Sneezing Face emoji is a smiley with closed eyes and sad (or absent in some cases) mouth, which holds a nose-wipe near its face as if it were sneezing. Most often, it is used in its direct meaning - i.e. in the context of being ill and having a runny nose. It may be an illustration of someone's cold, flu, allergies, or other illnesses with a runny nose as a symptom. In this sense, it may serve as a part of a complaint or an excuse. Also, though much less often, it may be used as a symbol of being very sentimental, especially with one or two crying emojis.

🀧 Sneezing Face emoji refers to the smileys and people category.

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β€œI’m so tired of my allergies πŸ€§β€

β€œI hate having a runny nose πŸ€§β€

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🀧 Gesundheit